Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nothing Amazing About This Racist...


Albert Lin (Finance CoChair of MAASU ECC) brought to my attention this deplorable video where an individual considers it humorous to mock and ridicule Asian Americans by trying to perpetuate racial stereotypes. This is NOT humor. All that it exemplifies is the evident ignorance of this man, who deems himself the "Amazing Racist". There is nothing amazing about him; more like downright pathetic. The worst part about is that he does a series of videos with each focusing on a different racial minority and him being completely ignorant towards those of that designated minority. These racist antics of his are unfortunately encouraging others to view this type of humor as "acceptable", as can be seen in the comments that are located right below it.

Just take some time to watch this video and then go read the user comments, so that you have a better understanding of why this video and others like it are completely unacceptable and degrading towards Asian Americans. One of the users who was commenting on the video called another user a "Gook" (for those who unaware, this is a derogatory word against Asian Americans). This individual and his blatantly racist videos have only perpetuated the ignorance and hatred even further. It is outrageous that such stupidity still exists and that individuals who see this may automatically assume that such remarks are "acceptable" since they are portrayed in many forms of comedy.

Take a step back and think about how many comedians utilize derogatory words and profanity to further accentuate the humor in their routines. There are a handful of them and the numbers seem to be rising. This ignorant individual is just one of many who needs to realize that such remarks and actions are not humorous, if they are viewed as personally attacking an aspect of an individual' s identity. Everything he says and does is degrading towards Asian Americans and those who watch these videos and belt out laughter, are only encouraging him and many others to follow the same path of racism.

Be careful and considerate of what you say to others: whether we realize it or not, there are times when we may make joking remarks without the intention of hurting anyone but if taken out of context, can really stir up animosity. Nothing that ridicules individuals of any minority or cultural background can ever considered humorous and should not be supported in any way. Voice your opinions and concerns when you hear such things: that is the first step to ensuring that such ignorance does that grow forth.

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