Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Conservative India versus Sex Ed


The highly conservative India is in a deadlock between two sides of the morality debate regarding the AIDS epidemic: one side is proposing that institutions of higher learning allow sex education to be taught in order to curb the HIV rates, while the opposing side believes that sex education will only corrupt the minds of the younger generations.

India has the world's largest number of HIV cases and many beleive that the only way to reduce the number of cases that are found each year is to educate the youth of today of the potential dangers of unsafe sex, while at the same time, educating them about human sexuality (a topic that parents all over the world dread to even discuss with their children). It seems that parents in many conservative Asian nations may not be so open to talk to their children about sexuality and thus, children go about trying to learn for themselves and at times, may experiment in ways that only places them in greater danger of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). The danger is out there whether we realize it or not; it is just a matter of us taking measures to ensure that the youth of today are better equipped with an understanding of what is really out there.

However, what many conservatives are afraid of is that with sex education, children may be more inclined to have premarital sexual relations and would greatly devastate the moral code that this nation, like many others, strives to maintain. But is this really the case? I mean, look around us. Television, magazines, advertisements, etc. have all exemplified the well known expression "sex sells" in a variety of means. With constant reinforcement of this expression in various markets, as well as the notable change in the manner in which the youth of today are acting and dressing (let's face it: more and more people are attempting to emanate the Abercrombie look because of the supposed "sex appeal"), the fact is that the times have changed from what it was even when I was in middle school (which was about 8 years ago).

The reality is that sex education should not be viewed as a tool that promotes sexual promiscuity or premarital relations, but rather, as a means of ensuring that individuals are educated about the dangers out there. The fact that younger generations are more than likely to be open to sexual relations is truly a concern but rather than focusing on the negativity of teaching children about sex, individuals need to realize that as the times are changing, so must the standards in which we hold with our youth. The dangers of contracting AIDS or any other STD is devastating, but THAT can be curbed if individuals are given the proper information on how to take care of themselves and if it is their decision to have sexual relations, how to ensure that they are doing it safely. This may not be the ideal conservative model but in reality, it may very well be the ideal life saving one.

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