Sunday, July 8, 2007

Iraq: The Tension Is Far From Over

I came across this article while reading over the Op-Eds of the New York Times. Even though the article does seem to take a distinct political stance in regards to the manner in which the current administration is leading the US, I ask you to look beyond that and actually see the facts that are utilized as support for the individual's argument. Whether you align yourself on the left or right side of the political spectrum is not of the greatest concern nor is that the focal point of this entry; rather, one cannot deny that the escalating tension in Iraq is in part the fault of the United States for assuming that it can overthrow the former dictatorship and establish a stable democracy in its place without any dire consequences. Evidently, that is not the case. As one can see, deception has led the US into a devastating predicament in which, not only has the US placed its troops and its financial stability in an unfortunate predicament, the Iraqi people are in a far worse position as the war has put the lives of many innocent civilians at a greater stake than imaginable.

In my previous entry, I touched base upon the devastation that comes with being stripped from one's comfortable, daily routine to be thrown into an environment that is completely different and unwelcome to a particular individual. This war has forced massive amounts of Iraqis to relocate themselves in hopes of finding a safer place to live and be rid of the dangers that are posed with the constant fighting. It is due to the ethnic and religious discrepancy that is present within this nation that unfortunately so many individuals cannot live in their homes without fear of being attacked by those who feel that such a discrepancy can only be solved through violent means.

The present turmoil is not something that can be overcome within a matter of months or even years; the unfortunate reality is that it will take time (a great deal of it) before any sign of stability can slowly ascend within Iraq. The US, though foolishly placing itself in a lose-lose predicament, cannot solve this predicament alone and is in dire need of assistance from those nations who are dominant forces within the global power structure. Nations such as Britain, France, China, Russia and so forth must lend a hand so that the hostile tension in Iraq does not overflow into its surrounding neighbors and quite possibly escalating the tensions in the Middle East to a state that is far more catastrophic than what is currently posed. The proper steps need to be taken now if any progress is to be made, but until then, it is devastating to even think about how chaotic it must be for those living in Iraq whose lives are in constant danger due to both the war and their own neighbors of different cultural backgrounds (being ethnic or religious).

The threat of terrorism is one that the majority of the world faces and any means of suppressing that threat must be taken in a joint manner, not solely within the hands of one nation. This issue should not rest solely within the realm of politics but actually be understood as something that greatly affects a large portion of the world's population and such tensions do have a greater impact upon individuals throughout the world as instances of such hatred and ignorance flows from one base to another as such ideologies of supremacy remain prevalent amongst those who deem themselves superior to others and utilize violent measures to exemplify this mentality. The danger is out there and unfortunatley with the media's portrayal of the tension in the Middle East, many individuals have become desensitized to the War on Iraq, which is truly unfortunate as there many men and women whose lives are stake every minute because of a clash of beliefs. As I sit here typing this entry out, I cannot help but wonder how fortunate I am that I can sit here and type this entry without fear that my life is not in great danger due to terrorism or constant war. If only we could together do something to help those far less fortunate than we are...

*As characterized, MAASU does not take a political stance on issues, nor does it align itself with any particular political party. The main reason I decided to write about this issue (as well as present an Op-Ed as the source) is to open the eyes of many of an issue that grealty affects those within the US and those abroad in the Middle East (an area of the world that I believe is a part of Asia both geographically and due to the overlap of culture among certain areas of South/Southeast Asia).


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