Sunday, June 24, 2007

Obama: South Asian Outrage

Before I throw my two cents in on this article, I want to first of all point out that MAASU as an organization does not align itself with any particular politcal party (say that three times fast) and does not have a stance on any of the candidates running for the upcoming Presidential election. I could very easily just sit here and jot down my thoughts on Obama or even moreso on who I am personally supporting in the Presidential election, but I will refrain from doing so to tackle the bigger issue at hand...outsourcing.

I commend Obama in apologizing on behalf of his campaign for giving the impression that the predicament of outsourcing is mainly due to US-India relations. The South Asians For Obama (SAFO) were outraged at the apparent anti-Indian sentiment that came across in the memo that was intended to lash out at the Hillary Clinton campaign for supposedly encouraging outsourcing by being strongly supportive of the Indian American community. Obama immediately apologized for the indirect finger pointing that came across as the true intent of the memo was to characterize the problematic issue of outsourcing.

Even though many nations (such as India) that are targeted by the US for outsourcing greatly benefits those particular nations and their economy, the problem stems back to the fact that outsourcing deprives the US of potential employment opportunities, as well as a stronger, competitive edge in the global economy. Assisting the poorer nations of the world should ideally be an objective of a nation is considered a leader in the global affairs; however, any nation that is not strong economically should aim to strengthen itself so that it can truly help those of the outside world.

The apparent discrepancy between the wealthy and those in poverty is growing ever increasingly with time: outsourcing (though not the only factor) does play a role and thus, moderating it may be necessary. The US needs to strengthen its economy so that its citizens are able to find proper employment and raise an income that will enable them to support themselves and their families. That is the problem with outsourcing: it deprives the US of essential tools to excel due to the fact that many corporate leaders are more interested in paying less for labor that they can get from international economies, so that their own corporations attain a greater net worth: unfortunately, it is the middle-and lower-class citizens who get the short end of the stick and lose out in the long run. So the fact that outsourcing to nations all around the world (including those in Asia) is a legitimate concern in regards to the affairs of the American people; however, the tone of the memo should evidently have been handled better.

India and any other nation that benefits from the US outsourcing are not to blame for they are taking strides to better enhance their own economy and nation's standard of living. Striving to excel in an ever demanding society is not an easy task for a majority of the world, but regardless, making the most of any opportunity is what puts nations on the map (not geographically speaking). In regards to the Presidential elections, the political atmosphere is tense as it is with various candidates seemingly putting more effort into tarnishing the reputation or stances of their opponents, rather than further exemplifying the importance of their positions, as well as the direction they seek to take if given the opportunity to lead. The only advice I can give is know what these candidates are about: know their history, their stances on various issues, and if he/she is the kind of person you would like leading the US starting in 2008. Do not jump the bandwagon; know your stuff. Topics such as outsourcing, immigration reform, the War on Iraq, etc. are all issues that greatly affect individuals of every community, including that of the Asian American community. Regardless of one's objective: know the facts. Hopefully the future of politics will take a turn for the better by being respectful of minority cultures, rather than just aiming to push one' s own agenda.

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