Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bollywood: Gaining Momentum

Hollywood, America's thriving film industry, may have to take the backseat to Bollywood, a film industry based in India, that is reaching out to a global audience far greater than any other. Originally meant to entertain only those fans in South Asia, the number of individuals who are becoming more interested in such films is rapidly growing throughout the world: from Asia and Europe to even the Western world. With the utilization of subtitles, Bollywood's outreach is far greater than anyone has ever imagined.

"Bollywood films are fairy tales for adults. That's their appeal." The beauty of such films is that they do not incorporate far-fetched, unrealistic adventures and plots, but rather, aim to appeal to what a grand majority of individuals seek in life: happiness in love, family and life in general. There are a strong number of dance scenes within each movie that help the progress the storyline. By touching base with the emotional aspect of life, individuals are able to develop a connection with themselves and others with these films: In a world that is revolved around economic prosperity and materialistic goods, it seems as though there may be times when we as individuals may lose sight of what is truly important in life: the personal things that actually enable us to wake up in the morning and feel alive. This personal fulfillment can be in the form of family, good friends, charity, and so forth. We cannot lose sight of that, even though it is very easy to do so.

Society is far from perfect. Every individual experiences hardship in some shape or form, but it is not the hardship that matters: it is how we as individuals react to these hardships that enable us to define ourselves. That is what these Bollywood films have successfully been doing for so many years: to show that there really is hope in life. It is not always easy to see or grasp this idea, but if we seek what is the most important in life (as defined by ourselves), then life becomes more fulfilling since it is not filled with the materialistic or some distinction that fades with time, but rather, bonds and relationships that will always be there. I have seen a good number of Bollywood movies in my time and I have to say, I am a fan and probably always will be because these films do not strive only to entertain, but rather, to mainly reach out and connect with their audience regarding the human condition.

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