Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Virginia Tech: Moving On

I'm sure we all remember the tragedy that occurred on April 16 at the Virginia Tech institution. It was truly a difficult time as students, very much like ourselves, were thrown into harm's way when one student attacked his peers in what is considered one of the worst tragedies to happen in an educational setting.

It was only a little over four months ago, but one can only wonder how those in Virginia Tech are coping with this situation. I definitely give props to the performers who will be giving a free concert in hopes that it will ease the tension that so many of these students feel they must carry.

It's not always easy picking up where you left off and going right back into the swing of things after a tragedy. I remember a very motivational statement I heard awhile back that really stuck to me when I first heard it a few years ago: "It's not the changes that matter; it's how you react to them that makes you who you are".

We all have experiences struggles in our lives, but rather than dwelling on these things, we should be more concerned with trying to determine how to overcome our problems and just make the most of ourselves. Obviously, it is a lot easier said than done, but for those who can rise above adversity to continue paving a road that transcends that of normality, they are the ones who have truly grasped what it means to enjoy life to the fullest and deserve a lot of respect for that.

I wish the best to all those who attend Virginia Tech: moving on will be difficult but it really makes an impact to just stand up and keep walking...

....and for those of you wondering, I first heard that quote from probably one of the greatest sources of motivation out there: the television show "Boy Meets World"

.....I kinda watched a lot of tv growing up.

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